/blʌd / (say blud)

1. the fluid that circulates in the arteries and veins or principal vascular system of animals, in humans being of a red colour and consisting of a pale yellow plasma containing semisolid corpuscles.
2. body fluids spilling or spilled out; gore.
3. the vital principle; life.
4. bloodshed; slaughter; murder.
5. temper or state of mind: a person of hot blood.
6. See flesh (def. 17).
7. British, Rare a profligate or dissolute man, especially one in fashionable society.
8. physical and cultural extraction: of Italian blood.
9. descent from a common ancestor: related by blood.
10. people of a kind specified: young blood; *the board of the company is keen to introduce new blood at the top. –abc online, 2003.
11. Stock Breeding recorded and respected ancestry; purebred breeding.
verb (t)
12. to cause to bleed.
13. Hunting
a. to give (hounds, etc.) a first taste or sight of blood.
b. to smear with blood, as after a hunt.
14. to initiate in the ways of a group, organisation, etc., by real experience.
15. purebred: a blood mare.
16. get blood from a stone, to extract value from a source previously considered incapable of such.
17. in cold blood, calmly, coolly, and deliberately.
18. make one's blood boil, to cause one to be angry.
19. make one's blood run cold, to cause one to experience sudden fear, apprehension, etc.
20. one's blood is up, one's anger or belligerence is aroused.
21. one's blood is worth bottling, Colloquial one is exceptionally meritorious or praiseworthy.
22. the blood, British royal extraction.
{Middle English; Old English blōd; def. 21 ? Australian World War I military slang}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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